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Monet DM

Designed with You in Mind

At Monet Water and Ice we believe that personal hydration products should reflect the people that use them, and the beauty, efficiency, and ease of use we all desire.

A Better Way to Hydrate

Monet’s bottleless dispensers provide greater hygiene and increased sustainability compared to bottled options. The latest filtration and LED UV technologies provide a continuous supply of clean fresh tasting water without the need for bulky 5-gallon or plastic single-use bottles.

Refill and Refresh

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Enjoy capacitive touch dispense icons, LCD smart alert display, and large 12-inch dispense area for easy refilling of your favorite container.

Why the Monet DM?

Crafted by industry experts, the Monet DM is a single-purpose hydration solution that provides refreshing, clean water, with unique designs, features, and technologies engineered to deliver a delightful end-to-end experience.

Monet Water Coolers

Clean Water

The Monet DM uses the latest in filtration technology to reduce sediment, lead, nitrates, pesticides, chlorine, arsenic, dissolved solids, metals and other contaminants, while keeping your system clean with LED UV and anti-microbial materials for your dispense area.

Monet DM

Modern Design

The Monet DM includes LCD display screens, backlit dispense areas and accents, and eye-catching aesthetics designed to elevate any space.

Monet Water and Ice UX Design

Seamless UX

Enjoy the touch screen icons on the LCD display screen, the smart alerts connected to your system’s filter and status, and the large 12-inch dispense areas for easy refilling, all developed to make your experience simple and intuitive.